1. This is going to come off as snotty or aggressive probably no matter what, and I really don’t mean it to be.

    I totally understand why you would be a little upset about this. At the same time, I think that maybe this incident could be an opportunity to reassess a few things. I think that, in your response, you acknowledge what is essentially the key fact– that you didn’t invent Hulk speak and don’t have ownership of it– and yet seem to leave that observation behind right away. That’s a shame, as I think it could be a necessary corrective to a creeping sense I get around here that you are becoming a bit of a Big Deal.

    That’s shitty to say, especially because you work so hard to cultivate an appropriate humility. But that humility is the reason I’m bothering to write; I think a comment like this could mean something. I’ve just recently discovered your work, and I truly love a lot of it. (Your discussion of Super 8 is impeccable– it shows that criticism that comes from a place of true sympathy and genuine respect can somehow be the most cutting kind.) But the fact that I’ve absorbed so much of what you’ve written in a short time perhaps gives me a perspective that isn’t possible for yourself or for people who have absorbed your work gradually.

    It happens to a lot of people who develop a passionate fanbase, the seduction of listening to that fanbase a little too much and get a little big for your tattered purple breeches. A passionate commenting community can be a real joy, but they have a tendency to excuse failings in a way that can dull the self-critical sense, even for the most thoughtful among us. What I think this Vulture incident– which, let me be plain, I thought was a little cheap on their end– might be a good opportunity to reassess your project and your relationship to it.

    What you’re doing here is really awesome; you’ve recommended great movies I wouldn’t have checked out otherwise, helped explain to me why I didn’t like certain movies as much as I wanted to, or as much as other people were telling me I should, and I’ve learned a lot about storytelling and filmmaking. For exactly that reason you shouldn’t feel at all threatened by someone else using Hulk voice; it’s the content of your posts that make your writing special. Without it, the Hulk thing really would be a gimmick. I’m agnostic on the Hulk speak. It neither annoys me nor moves me, and I’m sure you’ve stuck with it for good reasons. Just don’t mistake it for something it’s not, and remember that people read you because you have many smart things to say. (And a few dumb things to say, in my opinion.) Ownership over the Hulk identity isn’t necessary.

    1. I agree and disagree at the same time. I think the important piece here is that while FilmCritHulk didn’t invent Hulk speak, or even ironic Hulk-speak used to convey deep thoughtful subjects, he DID invent using it for the sake of media criticism.

      If I respond to some global event with a post about how it MAKE HULK SO MAD! nobody is going to confuse me or what I’m trying to do with Film Crit Hulk. Were I to turn around and write an essay on the relative merits of the Big Lebowski vs Burn After Reading in thoughtful Hulk-prose well…

      The issue here for me is that people wrote in to Film Crit Hulk to discuss the piece he wrote. You know, the one he didn’t? To borrow disgusting marketing slang, he’s protecting his brand. He’s making sure that he’s not held accountable for something he didn’t do. If the internet suddenly floods with Hulk wannabes “HULK HATE BATTLESHIP. HULK THINK BATTLESHIP VERY DUMB” that dilutes his message.

      Part of what makes FilmCritHulk stand out is that he is unique (opposite of meme). Add other movie reviewers using Hulk-speak and his voice will be harder to find as the signal to noise ratio degrades

  2. Poor Hulk 😦 It’s really sort of a bummer that this all went down the way it did, but I’m glad that Vulture understood what they were doing in the long run. You seemed to take it pretty hard. For a giant green monster you sure have a very sensitive manner about yourself. GET WELL SOON HULKY WE (I) LOVE YOU

    Also, while I’m here, have you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender?? The sequel to that series, Legend Of Korra has been airing currently (It’s about halfway through the season) and it’s already one of the best things I’ve watched all year. So tightly plotted with well-drawn characters even after about 2 cumulative hours of story, It’s really fantastic and I think you’d have a lot to love about it, if you haven’t already seen it.

    Keep up the Hulking!!!

  3. Aw poor Hulk. It’s a shame how it all went down. For a giant green monster you sure have a very sensitive soul 😦 It’s not a flaw, but it can be a hindrance, especially when you put so much work into doing this.

    On an off tangent, have you seen Avatar: The Last Airbender?? It’s sequel series Legend Of Korra has been airing on Nick for the last few months (It’s about halfway through the season) and already I feel that it’s one of the best things on TV all year (Even better than all the ‘It’ shows like Game Of Thrones or Mad Men.

    It’s such a perfect fusion of high-fantasy genre stuff and well-drawn characters, and the plotting in LoK especially is so tight and economical it sort of blows me away how much I salivate for every new episode to air. I haven’t been this wrapped up in a series in a long time and thought that you would probably find a lot to love in it if you hadn’t seen it before.

    Keep up the Hulking!!!! ❤ ❤ LUV U

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